Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The ****** Card

Play cards? Next time you pull a card - that is if you are in a position that calls for drastic measures, pull a card.

. Pull the race card.
. Pull the sexual preferences card.
. Pull the insanity card.
. Pull my wife hid my meds card.
. Pull I was on drugs/alcohol/card.
. Pull the religious faith card.
. Pull the "they beat me and tortured me" card.
. Pull the I was from a broken home card.
. Pull the "My Uncle diddled me" card.
. Pull the "I ate too many Twinkies" card...or use all of them at the same time. I am an insane, Native Alaskan, transexual. My life partner hid my Paxil when she thought it was my methadone. She did this when I was at the Mosque praying for the salvation of the soul of my cruel parents, my absentee father and my uncle who molested me when he caught me stealing, then gorging on his case of Twinkies.

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