Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Police: Dispute Over Snow

Police: Dispute Over Snow Leaves Man Hit With Shovel - News Story - WHIO Dayton: "Police: Dispute Over Snow Leaves Man Hit With Shovel

Posted: 4:13 pm EST January 10, 2011Updated: 7:53 am EST January 11, 2011
BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio -- A Bellefontaine man was arrested after police said he attacked his neighbor with a shovel.

The attack happened over the weekend near North Elm Street.

According to police, 48-year-old Scott Wayt and his neighbor were removing snow from their driveways at the same time. Wayt's neighbor was using a snow blower, which was blowing snow into an alley near Wayt's home, police said.

In retaliation, Wayt shoveled the snow back over a retaining wall and into the other man's driveway, police said. After the snow hit the man in the face, he climbed the retaining wall to confront Wayt and that is when he hit the man in the head with his shovel, police said.

Wayt now faces charges of felonious assault. The victim was treated by medics and is expected to be fine.

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UK has always fantasized about taking out a punk with a snow shovel. One whack on the back of the head until the shovel and handle ring!

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